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The Scholfield family have enjoyed our holidays at Atlantic House for more than 40 years, and have wonderful memories from our time here.

I remember discos in the dining room were a great success in the early ’60s. Many a first kiss was stolen in that room! As young teenagers, we were lucky enough to have a very understanding granny accompany us on holiday. Having agreed with our parents a suitable time to return before the front door of the hotel was locked for the night,  Granny’s job, for a few years at least, was to jam a Bible in the fire escape door on her way to bed so we could sneak in unnoticed.

Since building work began on site, we’ve received stories from former guests who also stayed at the hotel not only through the years, but through decades. From cheesy chips, pints of Doom Bar and tea on the lawn, to cricket matches between hotel staff and guests on Wednesday afternoons, anecdotes from days gone by continue to inspire our project.


A lovely lady visited our offices recently who told us she was a regular at Atlantic House throughout the 1970s. One evening, upon needing to use the loo, she found herself spritzing on Chanel before leaving her room (something her husband found very odd). Why? Because “one never knew who one might meet in the corridor!”

With more than a century of history under its roof, we would love to create a photographic history of the hotel and see how it has changed over the years. If you have any stories or photos you’d like to share please get in touch.

In the meantime, we came across this wonderful brochure printed for Atlantic House in 1931. Do you remember the hotel as it is here?





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