We have a chat with our kitchen supplier, Kettle of Fowey

Throughout the planning and build process at Atlantic House, we’ve felt it important to use local suppliers where possible. Cornwall is not short of talented trades, and here we wanted to highlight one such company. Kettle of Fowey design and build bespoke interiors, and will be producing the kitchens throughout all nine of our apartments. We had a quick chat with Managing Director Dale Williams about his business and why Cornwall is a special place…

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Where did you learn your trade?

After completing my BA degree in design I decided to follow my father into carpentry with the ambition of understanding the process of making things. After serving my apprenticeship I felt comfortable that I both had the design acumen and process knowledge to start Kettle Kitchens, with the ambition of supplying quality, affordable kitchens and interiors. That was 8 years ago and we have grown from just me, to a team on 15. 

Describe the ethos of your business.

I once read an article about Richard Branson where he was saying that in his company they have a saying – ‘The answer’s yes, now what are the questions?!’ – and with out wanting to sound nonchalant, we have the same view with our clients’ demands. As long as we understand the budget, timescale, practical and conceptual restrictions of any project and communicate them with the client, there is no reason that their dream cant be achieved. So I throw down the gauntlet – talk to us about your dream project!


What’s the best part of running a business in Cornwall?

I always visit every project, firstly to understand the space and design challenge, and then later in the project to observe the progress. This means I’m constantly in the car driving around Cornwall and enjoying the wonderful views, and occasionally stopping off to enjoy my kite-surfing hobby in-between meetings.

What has been your most interesting project to date?

Every project is interesting. Obviously we have worked on some stunning builds, including a current top secret Grand Designs kitchen. However the toughest challenges come from low budget, small spaced projects and therefore when we find a design solution to these the sense of satisfaction can be its highest. 

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Your top tips for getting the best from a kitchen designer.

Don’t just think about your dream look and magazine kitchen, think about how you and your family operate in the space. Ensure you judge your design for both cosmetic and ergonomic qualities.

Where are your favourite parts of Cornwall?

As we are based in Fowey, I have to say this harbour town wins for me. However I do love the beaches and general ruggedness of the north coast.

What do you do in your free time?

What free time!


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