Apartments progress

There have been, as ever with our project, various delays and issues to overcome. However, construction has continued throughout and the apartments are now set to be finished before the end of the year.  Allowing sufficient contingencies for administration and any further issues which might arise, we foresee the apartments being ready to occupy in March or April 2018.

Please contact us through the contact page – or call our agents John Bray on 01208 863206 – for details of apartment fractions still available for purchase.

These images show the front of the build in January 2018; although scaffolding still obscures the view the progress with installing windows & doors can be clearly seen.

2018-01-12-photo-00000009 2018-01-12-photo-00000008 2018-01-12-photo-00000006 2018-01-12-photo-00000010 2018-01-12-photo-00000007

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